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Waiting for someone is the most awkward situation ever. Either it is for waiting for someone or waiting for a better opportunity. Waiting Meme can give you a glimpse of a smile on your face. Just remember. Eventually, the waiting will pay off.

Waiting gives you the actual value of time. When someone is waiting for food, for a friend, for a lover’s reply, or waiting for a message, that time they can use waiting memes. In waiting memes, the most fabulous is Pablo Escobar, still waiting, waiting for meme template, Skelton, waiting for meme girl, and waiting for meme gif.

Let’s have a look at all these funny memes for waiting and make our waiting time excited.

Waiting Meme

Customer Support wait is the most awkward wait ever. Especially when you are on call, and they put you on hold, especially in the banking sector. So I like Mr.Bean waiting for the response from the customer in support.

Creating a funny meme is not easy at all. You guys think that meme creation is most accessible. But believe me, it’s not. So Kermit is waiting to think of a new and funny meme.

Waiting for a reply has never been easy, even after hundreds of years. Here waiting for my friend to reply. Only been a few hundred years.

Kazoo kid wait a minute who are you meme is so famous that we often see it in videos. This meme is famous all over the world. So what? we are not dying from 5G anymore.

Really!! The pandemic of the corona is still not finished in some countries. Even second and third wave of the corona is still. I was so waiting for Covid-19 Panedemic Ending.

Waiting Meme Pablo Escobar

If you are a Netflix lover, then you can’t ignore Narcos waiting. Pablo Escobar waiting is the most famous meme. This is a collage of three pictures. In which 1st picture, he is sitting on a saw. On the bottom left, he is waiting at the table. And bottom right waiting in an open area. Even if you have so much money, it remains makes you humble and a bit sad.

Me waiting for the zoom meeting to start.

Me in a friend’s house after I used the restroom. But the toilet isn’t flushing.

So here is the first meme of Pablo Escobar. When the touchpad mobile was new.No no one was here to tell me how to use it. Here I don’t know how to reply to a message.

Youtube ads are now almost showing in every video. So after finishing the ads, I am waiting to resume my video.

if Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are down then I don’t know what to do at that time? Maybe to sit with homies?

Still Waiting Meme

Waiting for someone for a short time, like 30 minutes or in hours, is easy. But Still waiting for someone is not easy at all. So let’s check.

When you think 2021 is going to be better. Then 2021: But wait..there’s more!.

When you can’t think of any meme ideas, so you throw something out there and hope it works.

When you are waiting on Instagram that influencers will DM you. But not a single request you get. You to influencers, you guys are getting DMS?

You know mom’s conversations are most loving. She does not express that she knows you are happy or sad but always asks you. She just wanted to listen to your words. Moms are great. But here is a more meme when she is giving a lecture to me. Me waiting for my mom to finish her conversation.

Interstellar seven-year waiting is a viral meme.1 Hour is seven years on the earth. Great, we stay here for the lockdown to end.

Waiting Meme Template

Meme templates are available to create memes, share on social media, and attach millions of smiles. Some of the famous are here to start with

Patient Bear

Kazoo kid, wait a minute, who are you.

Mr bean waiting for

Pablo escobar waiting alone

skeleton computer

Taika Waititi Cate Blanchett

WAIT FOR WHAT? Also, check meme faces.

Waiting Skelton

Waiting Meme Skelton

Skelton waiting is the most trending meme over wait. It represents that showing too much time and still not getting their reply. Let’s have a look at the best ones.

Suppose you are a developer and compiling code. It is for you. When after writing code and then debugging it.Why this code updating is taking too much time.

If you are a game lover, then you can understand what Roblox is. Roblox is an online game, and it is an online gaming platform. It also allows users to create fun, and other users can play games as the games are created by other users and have much time to update code. So here is Skelton waiting meme to update for Roblox.

Smart kids arguing is the cutest thing ever. Because they talk and suddenly their mode swings to fight or too much love. Mostly in travel or parks, you can see kids’ conversations. Me waiting for the two intelligent kids to stop arguing.

I am waiting on the Boss to review my course presentation.

Covid-19 has changed the trend of study. Before covid, students wait for a teacher to come into the classroom. But now, teachers have to wait for their students to turn their cameras on for class attendance in an online class.

Waiting Meme Girl

Black girl waiting for meme after getting ready for a descendant’s short story of bal wedding to come out.

Waiting for Skelton girl is mainly related to girl finding special one for their marriage and perfect life partner. But they don’t know the guy they are waiting for does not exist on earth. Because he should be loving, high salary, kids lover, home worker, take her to shop, dinner, and cinemas. But they are still waiting.

Girl waiting for phone to charge meme is here. This time too shall pass but when? The most countable moment for any phone lover is to wait while their phone is on charge.

Waiting to see this when I get home.

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