Shocked Meme To Give Shock & Laugh – Templates & Reaction

Shocked Meme is the reaction when someone send you a shocking news. It could be a text from your boss about work specially on weekends. It could be friend text asking about money.

It could be your dad text, when will you reach home? It could be mom’s text asking for features of mobile phone. It could be your sibblings text / image wearing your dress or shoes.

Shocked meme also use as a sticker which are features in whatsapp and facebook. Other social networking sites also use stickers and shocking emojis. Here are shocked meme reaction,shocked meme emoji,shocked meme template, sarcastic shocked meme and happy shocked meme which you can use in your chat.

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Shocked Meme

When we talk about a shocked meme, then most beautiful girl in the list is Scarlett Johansson. Surprised Scarlet Johansson is talented and beautiful actress who is famous to givr incapable of making expression.

You can not take your phone from kids when they find your phone and start playing games. If you don’t have games, then they will install it quickly. Check more meme faces to enjoy meme world.

1-Little cousin after realizing you have games on your phone

2-Here is the most famous one meme which you can send as a shocking face.

3-Be shockig, Be daring, Be bold and be passionate.

4-Bed Bugs when human finally invened beds.

5-Mom and dad: son you are adopted.

2- shocked meme reaction

Shocked meme reaction is most loving meme. Here are some reaction memes which you can share.

1-When someone tell you a shocking news, you be like: Are you serious.

2-When you try to act something which you already know.

3-I am not lazy. I am secretly batman and I was out all night fighting crime. You can also check clown meme

4-Me Practising my surprise faces when I have snooped & know what gifts I am getting.

5-Hey folks !! This is my shosking face. Look a my shocked face.

3-shocked meme template

shocked meme templates are here which you can share as shocking reactions.

Comprehending Joey is the most famous about shocking face.In fact it also use in shocking memes gifs.This is is taken from a famous season friends . When Joey gives a reaction. Which makes the meme world crazy.

1-It’s 12:59 on December 31st 2020. Tutorial completed. For more memes templates you can check waiting meme .

2-Surprised Koala– 4 years olds when you tell that their mom’s name is not mom.

3-Surprised Pikachu-Employer:pays minimum wage*

Employee:gives minimum effort


4-Unsettled Tom- Me unplugs plug so I can charge my phone person on life support

5-Shocked Batman-That moment when you are deep into an argument and you realize you were wrong.Mike wazowski meme also fall in same category

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