The Mike Wazowski Meme Fun With Face Swap & Smirk

Mike wazowski is a character in Kingdom Hearts III. In Monsters, Inc, Mike Wazowski is a significant character. Mike wazowski meme spreading all over social media. This character is taken from Pixar’s 2002 movie Monsters Inc. The trend of this meme started when Sulley Core facebook uploaded the image of face swapping. This was between Sulley and mike as mike has only one eye. So when the face was swapped, Sulley became one eye, and mike was two eyes character. This post went too viral that it started the trend of the mike wazowski meme.

mike wazowski meme
The Facebook post, after trending, became the trend session of memes for mike wazowski. People started sharing this meme on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to express their emotions, which were related to relations, jobs, study, food, and many others. The first meme was shared by @Spotymeme, which was shared in the Spanish language on Twitter. The same way spiderman meme was on trending which was from a comic book.

Best Mike Wazowski Meme

School Fun

School friends are the best buddy. You can’t forget them in every field of life. Even after college, university or office, colleague can’t fulfill their space. You don’t need any talk. Just after watching your school friend, all tensions will go away. Here is the reaction of mike wazowski as a class student when your teacher moves your friend away from you because you were having fun.

funny memes home mike-wazowski-memes-5




Compliments are always welcome. But wait, what? Someone is complimenting you. But not the right side. It’s the evil side.

it's mike wazowski meme



Sports are the most favorite part of childhood. This is impossible that the ball is not going to the neighbor’s house. The reaction on when you and your friend are at your neighbor’s door because you kicked your ball over the fence. Mostly that one goes who kicked the ball.


mike wazowski two eyes meme



We all know well how terrified the school record was. Even if you are class toper, the result word can shake you. If you leave your exams and make fun of on the question paper, here is the teacher’s review about you. You are shocked because it was going to the permanent record.


mike wazowski two eyes meme

People are famous for their faces. But here is mike wazowaski, who got famous from Sulley.

mike wazowski two eyes meme


The new generation has the life of social media and games. They can find your mobile, unlock it. Play the games. But if you don’t have fun on your mobile, they will get it. But when you hide your mobile and they don’t find it. The requesting face of little kids, “You got games on your Phone”?


mike wazowski face swap meme


With the technology updates in smartphones, camera lenses are also updated. From one to two & two to three cameras are launched by iPhone.mike wazowski meme face with one eye, two eyes, and three eyes are enough for digital marketing for iPhone.

mike wazowski meme name


After taking a shower, we were shivering when mom would dress up. Till then, we were shivering from cold in the towel. Seven-year-old me waiting for my mom to choose what I’m going to wear after taking a shower.

mike wazowski meme smirk


When swapped face meme got so viral to the meme that the original picture looks weirder.

funny memes

Mike Wazowski meme smirk

Smirk is an emoji that is photoshopped on mike wazowski meme. This emoji was introduced in iPhone in 2008. It was limited to japan only then. But after the approval of the Unicode Consortium in 2010, It started smirking at our loved ones and friends. It has a curved smile and is stylish on the left with raising eyebrows.


Tell me, cop, where is my present.

funny memes home


When you bring your girlfriend home, everyone has a different reaction. From me to my dog, my kids, and the response of my wife is hilarious.3


girlfriend memes


Why mom always thinks that saying hello to a girl does not make me groom that girl. In school, when you say hi to a girl, the reaction of my mom is.


funny memes homemike-wazowski-memes-65


This situation is mainly happening at the end of the month. You are thinking all done on bills, restaurants, and trips. So you thought you only had $5 left in your bank account but check and have $25.32.That moment of happiness will amaze you.


mike wazowski singing meme


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