Hamster Meme Collection With [Funny, Peace, Banana, Facetime]

Hey folks it’s time for today’s meme and today we will go with hamster memes. Hamster is not the name of a mouse it’s just a feeling to have everyone pet like him.

Reason for being so much love. They are adorable. They are pretty. They are cuddlesome. They are the most loveable creature in the digital world. Are not they?

Hamster took the internet on storm through its memes. Adding more, what hamster funny meme is? It’s a funny facial expression of ha hamster screaming. Now this face is treated with some messages and quotes. That was a shocking Reaction which was cute and trending.

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Things you need to know bout this meme that why it is so popular? We will bring the truth behind this most famous meme in front of you. In this meme review the more we will share about Hamster [ funny meme,  meme peace, meme banana, meme name, meme facetime, and meme origin].

What Is a Hamster Meme?

You can just click on someone when he is angry or happy. In animals, if you are a pet lover, you can also find the expressions of animals. But it’s hard to capture their expression.

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Someone shot a video of a hamster. That was a scared hamster that was screaming. This screaming was so hilarious because of tooth blank facial expression and twitching. This short video clip went viral on social media like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Now social media users use hamster videos as a meme and make gifs and still images. That’s how this meme came into existence and become popular all over the world.

Where did the hamster meme come from?

According to resources, Hamsted first appeared on TikTok when a TikToker @beanboy22 posted a video of the hamster in January 2019. Hamster’s expression was countless because he was staring at the camera directly.

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How old is the hamster meme?

The meme is almost 3 years older now. A TikTok user @beanboy22 posted a video of a hamster and it went viral on all social media. People start making memes, gifs, and quotes on still images.

Funny Hamster Memes

People created hundred of memes on hamsters. It is not possible to collect them at once. So here are some best funny hamster memes which you can use on social media.

1-Referring to tech Support. Hello Tech Support… why is my mouse not working?

2-No one goes outside until I get snacks (You shall not pass!)

3-Better thermometer than coconut oil.

4-When you come back is great, but five hours too late (Me during an argument vs. me thinking about the argument in the shower)

5-Maybe wait until we’re done with breakfast (So I was tryna give my hamster a photoshoot and his food fell out of his cheeks….)

Hamster Meme Peace

In this meme hamster giving you a peace sign. In this image, Hamster is making a victory sign.

Moreover, it is just not a meme. People use its peace-making stickers on their stationery items and water bottles. Also, they use it to decorate personalize laptops, windows, and fridges.

Even Also use it on iPhone Back cover stickers and Printed Shirts.

hamster with peace sign meme

Hamster meme banana

Here is the meme in which a hamster is eating a banana.

I was just about to consume this delicious Banana.

hamster with banana meme

Hamster meme name

Most people don’t know what is the name of the meme? So here we go with this meme name.

What is the hamster meme called?

Staring Hamster – If you are a TikTok user, You must have seen at least one profile picture featuring a staring hamster. This Staring Hamster video went viral in January 2019. This video got 13,000 shares and 124,000 likes just in one week.

Hamster Meme facetime

Facetime memes can use for communicating with hamsters and make relationships with them. There is no limit to creating memes on facetime.

you can create unlimited memes with funny captions on them. Even you can make your own hamster according to your suitable meme. To create this meme, you just need a little bit of knowledge of photoshop or any picture editing tool or app.

Hamster Meme facetime
Hamster Meme facetime

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Most people share memes randomly but they don’t know where it comes from? What was the reason to make this meme? So In this meme review, we revealed that from where this meme came from. And that is also true memes help us to understand the message and have fun at the same time.

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