Funny Memes About School To Refresh Your School Memories

Funny memes about school are blissful memory of school like school van, assembly bell and gathering in hall, being in class for 6 hours, homework and respected teachers. The sad thing is that we can’t get back these moments. The school enjoys that ’80s and 90’s kids enjoyed, the generation of 2020 can’t enjoy. When you feel get down, check these funny memes about school life and get back to your past. These funny school memes will make you and your schoolmates laugh.

Funny Memes About School 2021

The best part of school is your classmates. Once you sat on the 1st day of school with someone he/she becomes your best friend. Now when he/she is absent, you have a boring day at all. Respect your parents because they passed school without Google.

Back to school memes for students


Funny Memes About School Starting

After the pandemic, kids and students almost forget to study. Online classes made the student lazy, sleepy, and with no interest in studies. Funny memes about school starting will give you the laugh for a while.


Back to school memes for students

Funny Memes About School Work

Homework is the most beautiful memory of school life. Especially when you forget to do homework or just copy homework from your mates just before starting the lecture. Most relaxation is when you have an extra period and you do your homework. Now you are free in the evening to play with your friends. Here a moment of laugh to share with your schoolmates from funny memes about school work.

funny memes about school life


Funny School Memes For Students

Funny school memes for students for backbenchers are an amazing memory for them. Teachers point out and ask a question almost get a mini heart attack. Because they are busy in their activities and suddenly teacher asks a question.

funny memes about school starting

In-School memories, every class has such a student which tells everyone that he has not prepared for exams. But when the result announce, that student got the highest marks in exams. Also trying to sit with your best friend during exams or tests.

back to school memes after coronavirus


The last moment of the exam when everyone is like intestine to finish his / her exam sheet. And ost funny memes about school life are related to exams and school opening after lockdown. That moment also gives you a mini heart attack when your best friend asks for a new sheet during an exam.


back to school memes for students


When the teacher moves your seat away from the squad because you disturbing but he does not know the whole class is your squad.


Funny School Memes For Students


Leaving school early is the next level of excitement.


high school memes funny


First day of school is boring till your best friend reaches.


school funny memes images


After getting back the first day of school.


school memes funny


Here is the your welcome for school.


school memes


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