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The crying cat meme is based on a crying image of a cat with quotes and funny memes written on it. As the cat is screaming, it seems like the cat is sad.

The first image of a crying cat was published in June 2014. The still image seems like of serious cat. Then another crying cat meme came into existence and that image was photoshopped by someone. This photoshop image gave the look of a crying cat.

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In 2014, this image of a crying cat was published on ask.net by user YouseefArafa88.

On 9th April 2015, this image was updated by a Germany-based imageboard program. Crying Cat got its germen name “Schmuserkadser” and got the fame of most popular cat within 3 Years.

After this viral meme, the crying cat meme got viral and people start sharing it on social networking sites on Reddit, Chan, Facebook, and Twitter. A photo of a cat in which her eyes were photoshopped.Looks moist. Giving looks like a crying cat.

This animal memes did not stop at a certain point. Even stickers were printer on clothing [t-shirts], phone cases, and accessories.

Crying Cat Meme

Teacher: Today is a surprise quiz
ME: April fools right?
Teacher: Starts handing out papers
Me: April fools…Right??

When Activision releases a new cod game about world war 3
But you can’t play it because you got drafted into the army

Me When I get stuck in a pokemon game and can’t progress anymore.

When you submit something you think is worthy for the fun stream but it gets less than 50 views.

When after giving you a tuning, your mom calls you to come here.

Kid: let us hang out after school
The kid Named Out:

When you google your symptoms and find out that you already died.

When you mess your meme up and it gets published.

My reaction is when batman sacrifices himself for SpongeBob in no way home.

Really — That y u mean

When you work from home and they close the office.

Why does this always happen to me? Whenever I crack a joke nobody listens and reacts.

But when someone repeats my joke and everyone starts laughing.

When Funnymemeshome.com posted 100,000 memes and no one gets featured.

crying fat cat meme

Crying Cat Meme Hearts

Now after photoshopping the eyes of the cat, someone put the heart filter effect on it.
People share this meme with their loved ones on social media.

Crying cat meme hearts

When your ex calls or text you and you reply … This is fine.

Crying cat meme hearts relation

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Screaming Crying Cat Meme

Have a look at the screaming cat which turned into a meme session.

My Ram watching me open the 113th tab on chrome.

crying white cat meme

When my mom checks my browser history

cat crying into microphone meme

When I was 7 and I was plugging in a cord and it shocked me a little bit.

crying screaming cat meme

When someone tells you to walk more than 15 steps

cat meme

The is perfect for relationship memes. I explained to my BF why I am upset

Screaming crying Cat meme

Thumbs up Crying Cat Meme

Here is the meme about a cat. It was giving thumbs up and showing that she supports your decision. Either it is not good for her.

Here is a meme template of a crying cat

Thumbs up Crying Cat meme

Me: gives cool/fav songs to cheer up my homies depression. My homies do not like it and ignore it.

crying cat thumbs up meme

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Crying Cat Meme Png

Now you can check the crying cat meme transparent PNG and use it in your memes according to your requirements.

Crying Cat Meme Png

The crying cat meme journey does not end here. An artist Bilal Goregen uploaded a video to Levan polka cat vibing to the music. But the later A YouTuber The kiffness uploaded that video again with video effects in it.

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