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A person who makeups a unique face and flamboyant costume. Performs comedy on stage with physical actions in a state of an open mind. The clown meme started when a person started putting on clown makeup. He was making a tutorial about clown makeup. In 2019 he got viral on this makeup tutorial on Twitter. This clown meme spread all over social networks like Reddit, tumbler.

A 5 step video of clown making was published by Trash Bin on youtube was the earliest version of this meme template. The Facebook post of this meme got 4,900 shares, 1,000+ reactions, and 180+ comments (still growing) in less than two years.

Clown Meme-Top 10 Picks

1- Homework and assignments submission is the most entertaining part of school and college life. But have you ever thought about what your teachers thought about you? Exactly according to the teacher,
I will give my students a buttload of homeware
It is due the next day
They have not even learned it
Finally, why do my students hate me?

2-Making memes are not easy as you think. But the saddest part is that you create a meme and it does not go viral. But if someone took this idea and post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit. They got it.

Being bad at making memes
Begging for upvotes
Explaining that upvoting memes gives you points when you get shouted at.
Reported the person when they explain that downvoting memes also gives you points.

3-Paint yourself white
Do the details you want, just keep it funny
Put a dumb hair
Scare kids who ask you for a mobile.

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4-Make a meme
Post it in the fun stream
It dies
It gets stolen and get posted on r/memes and gets more upvotes.

5-Muting the ad
looking away from the ad
Buying Youtube premium to have no ads
Reloading the page for a chance at no ads

6-School memes are the most amazing memes for refreshing memories with school friends. Because school friends have the most amazing friendship bond.
We will make kids get up at 7 am
Have them learn something useless for six hours.
give them several long assignments
why do kids hate us

Clown Meme Tiktok

7-Hey Tiktokers..this is for you…
We do cringe dances
We ruin songs
We ruin children all over the world
why do people hate TikTok

8-The happiness of switching jobs from one company to another is something different. But let’s see what happened on the clown meme of applying makeup for the job.
Got The Job…

Clown Meme Relationship

9-mother memes for clown makeup justifying why kids don’t like parents while teaching mathematics.
Let’s force my kid to do the math for no reason
Let’s teach him topics he does even know
Comparing him to other kids who are better
Why does my son hate me?

10- My grades are low
I better start on my missing work
Maybe I can Take a break
I still have not finished half of the missing work for School

Clown Meme Template

Here is the clown meme template which you can make according to your meme humor.

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